First Salary as the First Fruits

John C* founded a software and web development company in 2016 together with other believers, in a developing country in South Asia. Though a Founder, he was a minority shareholder and had worked for more than four years without drawing a salary. His other directors are not active in the business. The company had been through many ups and downs but had been able to survive for four years, with a growing pool of local and international clients.

John had 11 full-time employees – web developers, programmers and 3 other part-time staff working for him. His company had also won several awards in the industry. John continued to equip and train up many young people in the IT industry through the company’s internship program as well as provided jobs for the young people in his nation. Most of the youth in his nation would look at leaving the country to become migrant workers / labourers in other countries.

In March 2020, when the country went into a nationwide lockdown due to Covid-19, the directors came together and discussed with John to look at shutting down the company due to cash flow issues and four years of losses. John turned to our B4T Business Developer based in the country to explore options. Our B4T Developer encouraged John to seek God in the future direction for his company. After all, the business belonged to God and what was He saying in this critical season to John?

After much time in prayer and seeking the Lord, John was confident that God had called him to press on in the business. John was formerly a Youth Leader in his church and currently serving as the Deacon and a Board Member of his church council. John’s heart was to equip and empower the youth in his nation. He was already making an impact in the nation working with the youths from various background especially the ones from the marginalized and poor communities.

B4T helped John identified sources of funding and connected him with kingdom-minded investors from overseas. After several discussions with many potential investors and various options to restructure his company, by God’s grace, one kingdom-minded investor decided to invest into John’s company and see his company through this critical period. Money was provided to John’s company to help him tide through the difficult period as well as hire a good Chief Technology Officer and other critical positions in his company. John also settled all outstanding bills like rent and all other expenses with the funding. With the funds, John also increased his shareholding in his company so he can continue to drive the future direction for his company.

In the first month that John paid himself a salary, he gave a full 100% of his salary to church as his “first fruits” unto the Lord. Exactly a month later, John’s company won a large project in Ghana. John went on to win other contracts for his company. John had also begun repaying more than half of the funding as their company’s income improved over the six months after receiving the funding.

Today, John employs 21 full-time employees and three part-time staff, all paid above minimum wages. In fact, they are one of industry’s best as of current. John is setting up teams of leaders in his organization to support the new projects. For a country with a minimum wage of US$100 per month, this is a huge improvement for many of his staff who are majority the breadwinners of their respective families, when they are able to earn more than double the monthly minimum wage. In this current lockdown once again in June 2021, John is still hiring and providing jobs for his team as well as new graduates looking for work because of all the contracts God had blessed his company with.

John continues to equip and empower his employees with skills and livelihoods. John continues to serve on the Board of his home church. He is also a trainer and facilitator in the Biblical Entrepreneurship training discipling other young entrepreneurs to do business in God’s way in his nation.

We give all glory to God for the way He orchestrates and turn things around for His children.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose.” – Romans 8:28


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