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God has granted financial resources to many believers. Some want their money to make a positive ongoing impact to grow the Kingdom – and to make it happen again and again. Investors embark on investor trips and meet the Entrepreneurs face to face. They then make their decisions. The Developer follows up and helps to provide communication and accountability between the parties.

Investors have commented. ‘We business people have two pockets for our money. One is for donation and it is quite a small one. The other is for investment and it is a large one’. Others have said that they love the fact that their money continues to work on a long-term basis. A donation goes in once; it is used and then is gone. Investment allows money to work again and again. ‘That was the best investment I ever made’ was the comment of one Investor after looking at the Kingdom impact made through his business.

Investment Process

We invite you into the heart of making a difference by asking you to join us on an Investor trip.  Where we will introduce you to local Entrepreneurs and their businesses. As a service we have done a great deal of hard work on weeding out potential failure and preparing for success in Kingdom Impact as well as profitability. Ways of involvement include:

1. Investing – Either in the form of Loan capital or occasionally equity.

2. Personal involvement and coaching.

3. Subject matter experts for business.

4. Re-investment of money that is returned.

Join Us

Are you an experienced business person? Do you have a passion to see the Good News spread through business? Has God given you a vision for helping businesses overseas become more influential in transforming their communities through business?

If yes, then would you consider coming on an Investor trip with us, where you will meet like-minded travelers, enjoy warm hospitality and get to meet Entrepreneurs with whom you will be able to partner, either as a pure Investor or as an equity partner. Contact us through the form below and we will send you more information.

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