Who Are We Looking For

We look actively for Entrepreneurs who are believers and have a heart for God and people who already own and run small and medium sized businesses. We look for ‘job makers’ rather than ‘job seekers’ and therefore we do not spend time on microfinance.

Well over 200 entrepreneurs in eight countries have already become ‘B4T Businesses’.

Selecting Enterprises

Finding and investing in the right people will produce lasting transformation that will continue and grow in its impact for the lifetime of the business and Entrepreneur. One of our guiding principles is we focus our time on businesses where the Entrepreneur has already invested equity in his business. There must be a proven track record in business and a dedication of their own effort and assets.

Criteria For Selection

We look for entrepreneurs with heart, head and hands.

1. Heart for God and for people.
2. Head to think through business.
3. Hands on ability to run a business.

Process For Selection

Here is the minimal selection process the B4T Developer follows with each potential business Entrepreneur for investment.

1. Know Your Client – 50 searching questions, follow up with pastors.
2. Kingdom Impact Appraisal – 50 questions to ensure Kingdom Impact of business.
3. Feasibility Plan Questionnaire – Business focus including SWOT analysis, market, cash flow analysis.
4. Business Synopsis – One-page synopsis of business for potential investors.
5. Full Kingdom Business Plan – including 3-year cash flow projection and P&L.

Get Involved

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