To see Kingdom business playing its vital role in fulfilling the Great Commission



Our Mission

To empower indigenous believers and churches for the work of ministry (Eph. 4:12) by multiplying Kingdom businesses in poor and unreached communities.

Kingdom Impact

The purpose of all B4T businesses is to make an impact that is distinctive to the way Jesus’s kingdom is intended to be on earth.

Our Values

We Listen To

It carries with it the idea that the Lord is the one we follow.
B4T is based on his leadership.
We consult him often and rely on Him utterly.

We Trust One

In order to build trust we need to be ‘trustworthy’.
Trust is based on competence as well as doing the things we said we would do.

We Do Things

Our work is our worship.
We want to reflect the glory of God and his perfect work. 

Our history

In 2010 the OM Leadership decided to launch a concerted effort to bring Business as Mission to its work around the world. It was decided that the ministry should be called Business 4 Transformation – B4T. In the OM network each country tends to operate somewhat autonomously within a strategic framework. B4T’s role is to introduce and grow transformational businesses in each country that is ready for it.