Pressing on through COVID-19

Meet Youngman, Laboratory Technologist  from Uganda, B4T business partner who just received a machine which will help him to expand his business.  He is the owner of Bwakya Diagnostic & Research Centre that is providing quality diagnostic investigative services at competitively fair prices.  So as to actively contribute to the well being of the communities around Kasese and DRC. They would like to extend their services closer to the community especially investigative services referred by most Hospitals and Health Centres to distant laboratories as far as 300 km away. This would be done by use of professional and competent staff and machinery like Chemistry Analyser, API machine, ESR reader, Semen Analyser, and Haematology machine. Through the B4T investment he was able to buy his machine, then COVID -19 outbreak, causing the close down of some national services.

Youngman shared with us about all the challenges he had to face in 2020. All the way from his new machine being stuck in customs because of lockdown to laying off eight of his staff members. He finally got his machine at the end of August and was only able to get training for the machine by October. He was then finally able to start using the machine by November last year. One of the most difficult challenges for Youngman was when he had to close down Stacey’s house from April to July last year. In spite of this he pushed on. He reached out to an international NGO named Accomplish Trust and with their help he was able to reach out to 50 special needs children during this time. He is still in partnership with this NGO and the programs are ongoing. In the meantime Stacey’s house has opened again and he is currently taking care of six special needs children in the house.  

His Kingdom impact includes  continued counselling as a certified counsellor, supporting the local community by giving discounted or free services to those who cannot afford the expensive tests. Taking care of special needs children. He has an environmentally friendly system for handling medical waste. One of the local hospitals approached him asking if he would be interested in borrowing an ECG machine as well as an abdomen scanner. They don’t want anything in return but are now referring their ECG and scan clients to him. With all this new equipment another new opportunity came his way. He may now apply for a license to operate as a clinical service provider. This will put him in another category and he might even need a bigger premise if he chooses to go this route.

The bottom line of this business is not how much  profit they make, rather how many lives are transformed through their business. Our passion is to see Business in the heart of missions, this is one of them. 

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