Training - Central Asia

20 November 2016

A country in Central Asia recently had the opportunity to organise and host their inaugural Kingdom Impact Training for local business owners. 25 entrepreneurs attended, and it was encouraging to see the way that the local entrepreneurs welcomed the advice of how to do business God's way.

The idea initially came while at the B4T training in South Africa when Peter*, the B4T developer, was himself going through the B4T Kingdom Impact Training, and reflected that this training would be valuable to share with entrepreneurs back in his own country. Returning home, Peter shared the idea with the pastor of his local church; the pastor promptly got whole-heartedly on-board by offering the church facilities to host the evening. Peter then invited entrepreneurs from a number of different business and friendship circles.

All signs were indicating that there were going to be quite a few coming on the night, however, because of inclement weather not as many people turned up as was expected. All up 25 attended, and enjoyed a chance to get to know each other over a meal prior to the formalities.

A well-known, experienced Christian accountant was invited to share on the night. She told how the weakness in the country is that businesses try to avoid paying taxes by running two separate sets of financial books. She highlighted that God doesn’t bless this. The country will never improve if we as believers don’t try and operate in honest ways.

The message from the accountant was very direct and a number of business people on the night were challenged to correct some bad decisions that they had made in their businesses. One entrepreneur even shared a story of how she opened her business and paid her first tax bill only to be ridiculed by the business ladies around her. They told her that she could just lie and pay less. So she listened. Since then she has seen a noticeable drop in her sales. The message on the night really struck home for her that she needed to engage this Christian accountant to help her to set her business up honestly and with integrity and pay the correct tax that she needs to pay to the government.

This encouraging event is hopefully the start of many such evenings; the desire was expressed from some of those who attended that a regular forum could be set up, where Christian business people can get together and share their struggles and joys of doing business in Central Asia.

*Name changed