Trusting Gods Timing

It was a long process for B4T to be registered in Uganda. It took the team who are trusting God and committed to see to is that this came to pass. By early 2018 B4T was registered, and in operation, eleven businesses were invested in, seven of those in Kampala.

The Freedom Center Church in Kampala hosted a Pastor's conference, held on 4-9 December, during this conference, Claire, B4T Developer interviewed some of the business owners.

According to Claire, Moses owner of Aroma Functions, with the investment he received he bought additional equipment and managed to open a restaurant in a busy place of Nansana Town Council. In starting a restaurant he hired three women and his wife as manager. The business expanded within two months.He shared how grateful he is for the investment from B4T, and thank God for opportunities that his business can support the church and create employment.

All seven businesses in Kampala, offered their services in support of this conference.