Theft for a harvest

The B4T Developer tells the story

When I told Dal Lian I would be bringing Chris who had come for a vision trip, to visit his farm, I had no idea what awaited us. A couple of days ago, he lost some 300 fish to thieves that had sneaked onto his land, despite security because the pond was getting to be too full. This precipitated Dal Lian's decision to have the pond cleaned up of all its fish. He informed me to come in the morning to witness the fish harvest. 

It was a sight to behold. There were 50 men present. Thirty of them were hauling the fish with nets, carrying them to the tent to be sprayed washed, and then loaded into a refrigerated truck. From this harvest he expected to have 25000 Kg of fish; at least USD 30K income. This is a few years after we first met

A few years back, when I first met Dal Lian he was in despair as his orphanage, which depended on donations, suddenly lost its main supporter. He came to me as a B4T Developer and asked for help. We worked on a business plan that involved 6,000 chickens and 100,000 fish; with the chickens over a fish pond.  We managed to find an investor who was delighted at the thought that his investment would enable 65 orphans to live, eat, grow and be educated.  Through prayer and trusting the Lord, today his orphanage is self-sufficient and helping other orphanages.