Return to Nepal
Katherine - B4T Developer, Nepal

April 2017

When I was 21, a speaker came to our church and spoke about the mission field and how the harvest is ripe but the workers are few. At the end of the sermon, I stepped forward and told God: ìI am here; I will answer the callî. Many years passed on after that faithful day, I didnít think too much about what I told the Lord and continued living my life pursuing my career. Being the breadwinner and the only child in a middle class family, my whole focus and goal was to be able to provide for my parents, climb the corporate ladder, travel the world and achieve all the measures of success according to the worldís standards.

In 2003, a missionary, Jim Yost came to speak at our church and I was inspired by his life and what God had done through this one man and his family. I was moved and I committed to the Lord that I would go for at least one mission trip in my life. I went for a short term mission trip to Nepal with my church in 2004. I was touched by the warmth and hospitality of the Nepalese people. I saw much need and spiritual hunger in a land where more than 95% of the people do not know Christ and are from other faiths. They were spiritually hungry and were in need of Jesus. Even those who accepted Christ subsequently, they were spiritually rich, but physically living in poverty. I knew we had to do something more tangible for these communities, Christians and pre-believers alike.

I continued going to Nepal and other countries for short term mission trips following that first mission trip. And over the past 12 years, God revealed to me the place He called me to: Nepal. I continued to press on, committing to go for one mission trip each year, until the Lord spoke to me specifically when to go.

Praise the Lord that I have been successful in my career throughout and He had guided me in all the major career decisions. In March 2016, I had a great job offer from another company, and yet at the same time, I was trying to make a decision to head off to Nepal for His work. I asked the Lord what I should do. Twice I prayed and I didnít have peace to take up the job offer. I ënegotiatedí with the Lord that after 12 years of waiting for His specific call, another 2 years in the corporate world would be fine and I would have achieved my dream in the corporate world, I would be at the pinnacle of my success. And third time I prayed again, I asked the Lord for a clear answer with no shadow of doubt and with clarity. I was on a flight then when I prayed the third time, and as the plane was taking off, I picked up the flight magazine and the words on the cover was ìReturn to Nepalî as seen from the photo above. I knew then the Lord spoke, and I had to obey His call.

I trusted that God wanted me to put to good use the skills and experience Iíve acquired over the last 18 years in the corporate world and when I found out what Business 4 Transformation (B4T) was doing, I really connected and believed in using business for community and spiritual transformation to make an impact for Godís kingdom. I believe it is important that we empower the people through business, help them to identify and know who they truly are in Godís eyes and alleviate poverty both physically and spiritually. Working in partnership with God, I believe that when there is community transformation, there is also spiritual transformation and people will know that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life everlasting.