The Cloud gathers - South Africa

22 November 2016- Mike Lyth

We all live in the Cloud - Malaysia, Kazakhstan, UK, Switzerland, Zambia, Nepal. Just once a year we have the privilege of meeting fact to face - this year in Port Elizabeth, South Africa in September. You can imagine what it was like - people who share a common passion to see business in the heart of mission, scattered across the world and communicating by Skype, Email, Whatsapp - suddenly face to face. A dam unleashed!! Drinking water from a fire hose!! There were around 20 of us - initially the Core Team, later joined by the Developers - the men and women who do the real work on the ground.  We prayed and talked together and the dreams took on form and became plans.

B4T Centres of Excellence

The B4T model works - we have 104 businesses in 12 countries with over US$ 1.4 million invested. Many businesses are making a great impact for the Kingdom. However, there is always that niggling feeling that we could be doing better.

We decided we should concentrate our focus on just three Centres of Excellence. The idea is that if you really want to see B4T working you should visit one of these - Myanmar, South Africa or Nepal.

Their purpose is fourfold, to: showcase what successful B4T looks like; provide training for new developers; be a testing ground for new concepts and procedures; and be regional hubs for B4T activities.

They must develop the following attributes in order to qualify - mature B4T leadership with a support team for the businesses - business training - mentorship - high quality Kingdom Impact - 50 businesses in place and growing -  systems for rolling investment funds and receiving and repatriating funds - $1 million invested - highly successful loan repayment.

Wow!! We have our work cut out for us. Only as we follow where God is leading can we make it. Please pray for this highly focused effort. Pray also for more experienced business people to join us as B4T Developers.

Turnkey Business

As a second track, alongside our standard model in B4T, we have been working on a Turnkey Business - ‘a business that is ready to use, existing in a condition that allows for immediate operation. The term "turnkey" is based on the concept of only needing to the turn the key to unlock the doors to begin operations’.

We are starting with a Chicken Abattoir in Zambia.
After 9 months of feasibility study we are ready to launch operations in January. Broken Hill Chicken Abattoir is projected to :

1) Make very good profit
2) Create a livelihood for 600 people
3) Employ directly 84 people
4) Make a major Kingdom Impact - social, economic, and spiritual
5) Enable a local mission to use business as a tool for outreach
6) Fund local mission operations

If this is as successful as we believe it will be then we have everything in place to launch this up through Africa and beyond as long as the market conditions are right - a true Turnkey business in the hand of God.