A passionate couple in Myanmar had a strong desire to support as many children who had no mother or father as they could, but how? How does a couple support 50-60 children, provide for their healthcare, schooling, spiritual well-being, and physical needs?
By partnering with B4T, God provided this couple not only with their passion for His heart, but also the means by which to accomplish His work. God’s work, done God’s way never lacks God’s supply. And they found that out.
Today, 70 acres mark the Garden Home Orphanage where children are not only surviving, but thriving. Through B4T Investors, this orphanage is now moving into a stage of profitability. They’ve created an agricultural business, work their own land, and are now raising egg-laying hens and fish to generate provisions that are able to support the 58 orphans in their care.
75% of the costs of the orphanage will be covered through profits of the business. A second phase will see a doubling of the size of the business. Of course God has wider plans in all of this. Our believing couple has strong links with 27 other orphanages and is effectively acting as B4T Developers in helping other orphanages become self-sustainable through business.