Lilian’s Food Merchant Business - Zambia

21 November 2016

Lilian was effectively orphaned as a young woman and supported herself and her siblings by selling chickens on the street. This experience resulted in a keen business sense and quiet determination, and a number of years ago she started traded beef in and around Kabwe, utilising a chest freezer located at her home.
She was able to secure a loan through B4T, purchased a 40 foot refrigerated container, and expanded and diversified her business into fish and fruit. Her simple model is tried and tested; buy in bulk at wholesale prices and sell at retail prices.`

Her edge is that she now has the ability to buy in bulk. Through her farmer networks she has been able to source meat, and she has been able to source fish from local companies. She plans to source fruit from merchants located in Lusaka, typically these merchants are delighted to be able to sell bulk shipments at wholesale prices.
As Kabwe lies on the national road from Lusaka to the copper-belt, she is ideally positioned to tap into shipments of fish and fruit passing through Kabwe.

Lilian had a tough childhood which she has turned to good; she has adopted a number of children and plans to use a substantial portion of the surplus cash flow of this business to establish an orphanage in Kabwe. She also supports the work of OM Zambia. May many other businesses like Lilian’s be supported and continue making a difference for the Kingdom