God is good in Ghana!

Chris Insaidoo (OM Field Leader) is based in Kumasi, the second largest city in Ghana. Chris has a good understanding of what B4T is all about and invited two core team members to visit the country with the view of expanding B4T into that country. The core team members went and were impressed by the local OM team as well as the potential developers that were put forward. On the last evening, the team has decided to invite a number of local business people over to introduce them to the B4T concept and to start rubbing shoulders with the local Christian business community.

A little boy outside a classroom

There were about eight business people present and one man caught the group’s attention. His name was John*. John has a cash loan business with about 2500 clients on his books and he doesn’t just lend these people money. He walks a spiritual road with every one of his clients, discipling them into Biblical business principles. We started to ask him how his business started and he shared this amazing story with us.

A few years ago, he had to go to the school his children attended for a meeting. When he arrived at the school he saw a little boy sitting outside one of the classrooms, looking through the window at what the teacher was writing on the board. He then copied that into a notebook he had on his lap. John went over to him, asking him why he sits outside and not in the classroom. He told John that his mother can’t afford his school fees, but he wants to get an education. Since his school fees are not paid he is not allowed into the class, but he is allowed to sit outside. This was very upsetting for John and he decided to go back to the school later the afternoon to pick up this boy and take him to his house, in order to explore the situation.

He then met with the boy’s mother and she told him that she has six children and no husband. She runs a tiny grocery shop down the street and the business only brings in enough money to keep them alive and for two of the six children to be able to go to school. John then asked her how he can help. Her answer astonished him. She wasn’t looking for a handout but explained to John that her business has the potential to grow, but she needs about $100 to buy extra stock for this growth to happen. Immediately John helped her with that and drew up an agreement for this money to be paid back in one year’s time. Within seven months the loan has been repaid and four of the six children were in school. So, John went back to her asking her if she needssome more help. This time she asked for $300 on the same terms. Within a year that loan was also repaid and all her children were in school.

This incident has prompted John to start his business to help people with small loans. But, John saved the best part of the story for last. A few months ago he want back to her again, just to find out how she is doing and was amazed to find out that this lady is now helping someone else with exactly the same concept. She has lend someone $100 to help this person grow her business.

Once we get going in Ghana, John’s business will most probably be one of those we invest in. These are the kind of businesses that we love to work with and we trust that the Lord will bring us to more of these in Ghana. Kingdom Impact is central to each business.