First to the Finish Line

Naw PH and her husband are not only the pastors but also the leaders of a co-op of Paddy Farmers, in LY village. Their testimony is one of good stewardship and spiritual leaders in their community. As leaders of a co-op made up of 15 farmers, they have worked hard to ensure the livelihood of these families is assured, as well as employing workers as the yield of the land goes up. This business has done well, under their leadership, that they managed to pay the loan from B4T MM, back three years earlier, it is the first time that a loan is fully paid back earlier than the agreed time. This has opened opportunity for them to set up another co -op of 10 more farmers, these are 10 more families that B4T will have an economical and Kingdom impact in. “May the Lord continue to give us more responsible borrowers who will use the investors’ money wisely to reach the goals of Kingdom Impact that we have set with them.' Laval B4T Developer