Central Asia B4T Investor Trip Report

March 2017

Central Asia hosted the very first B4T investor trip back in 2010. Several investments were made, and specific leaders from the surrounding countries saw the value of helping local transformational businesses, realising that this can be an invaluable tool in strengthening and equipping not only the entrepreneurs, but the local church. One of these leaders had wanted to host an investor trip for some time now; the challenge being that there was no developer on the ground to work with the local entrepreneurs. Around 2 years ago, however, Peter* joined the team as a developer, and just recently this country hosted their first investor trip.

Two people representing several investors made the trip, and visited four businesses with the developer. (The investors had been unable to make the trip but were requesting assessments of the businesses on their behalf, so that they could make investment decisions.) The representatives commented on the very clear and high level of Kingdom impact each entrepreneur was making, both in their personal ministries and in their businesses. Here were people serving Jesus significantly, and they were also gifted in business – without exception. All of them were also already giving generously from their business to kingdom ministries.

At the conclusion of the trip, it is with excitement that we can report that the four businesses received a total of $20,000 for the expansion of their businesses. A dream that was conceived 6 years ago, received impetus twelve months ago, finally was birthed, and is has been a great first step. Each of these businesses have tremendous potential to grow further through future B4T involvement after their initial success is proven, and we trust that surrounding countries and leaders will also catch the vision and realise the benefits of supporting and encouraging local Christian entrepreneurs.

* Names have been changed