Uganda is a go!

During an exploration trip to Uganda from 22 to 26 May 2017, a group of investors from Adelaide (we call this an ‘Investor Circle’) became very committed to the idea of working in this country through business. This trip was initiated after hearing from the Lord that they should explore the possibility of partnering with a local pastor called Jonah Bette in a slum area of Kampala.

During this trip, the Investors met Doreen Claire. They immediately felt she would be a potential developer for Kampala. She has a degree in Entrepreneurship and had always dreamed about helping people to grow their small businesses. She had set up what is called ‘self-help’ groups in and among the congregation at her church. The members of the ‘self-help’ groups generate funds by donating money into a pool, then individuals are able to take loans to develop their businesses (mostly microfinance). After spending some time with her, the Adelaide Investor Circle decided that she was the right person to join the B4T family. B4T is a step up from microfinance and focuses on Small and Medium Enterprises. For Claire, this was a dream come true. If you get a chance watch the film ‘Queen of Katwe’. This is set right in the area where Claire is based. It will give you context.

Training Developers in Uganda

In September, Jakes went to Uganda to train the two sets of Developers in the country, as well as to meet with the them in person, since he will be acting as the coach for both these groups of people. He first worked with Claire. This training was conducted at Entebbe and Kampala over two days. Since all the training material is online, reliable internet connections was always an issue. The training went well and it was very good to see how well connected Claire is with the community where she works. Her office is in a little school in an area of Kampala where there is also a big Muslim community. She is a busy woman with 4 children and now a B4T Developer.

Jakes then moved on to Kagando Hospital. This is a rural community hospital in the Western Region of Uganda in the foothills of the Rwenzori mountains. Owned and administered by Kagando Rural Development Center (KARUDEC), a Christian NGO that also owns and manages Kagando School of Nursing and Midwifery and other community outreach programs in the area.

Jakes was pleasantly surprised to find out that the management of Kagando has not only identified a Developer, but a whole B4T support team around him. The hospital also created a complete B4T division and the men working there are extremely excited to get started. Jakes ended up training 5 people from the hospital in the way B4T operates as well as on the B4T systems.

Jakes said he can see that each of them play a significant role in how B4T is implemented in Kagando. They already have five businesses almost ready for investment right there on the hospital’s premises. These businesses are all run as community development programs and good records are been kept of all the financial activities in these projects. Jakes said that he can really see how these businesses can give this group of people a head start on getting B4T going in that part of the country. Kingdom Impact is central to each business